Feel Good & Empowered: Practice Gratitude

UPDATE 3/16/14: Video “Tapping Into Gratitude”

December 4, 2013

Q: Dear Mistress Didi,

…Things are going really well for me right now, but I still have set-backs when I have to deal with certain people… and the heartache of an abusive relationship… It’s exhausting trying to keep My focus… There’s always some [OMITTED] attacking the advice You give and Your opinions. How do You stay positive?

Miss VJK


Dear Miss VJK,

Although I lost EVERYTHING in stupid-storm-sandy last year (still battling insurance companies); while My family and cherished ones have died and continue to fail in health; while I refuse to allow a serious injury to crush My Spirit with non-stop pain, I refuse to age horribly in eye-sore (non)fashion by keeping a positive perspective by practicing gratitude. That means instead of focusing on all the ugly in the world and what I don’t have, I am grateful ~ I am GREAT-full ~ for all that I do have.

Yes, I know: when all you can see is darkness, it’s hard to be grateful. But that’s because your focus is on the wrong things and your heart is in the wrong place! The more you focus on how fortunate you are to be you, exactly where you are RIGHT NOW, magic happens! Perspective determines outcome. Begin by thinking of all of the things that you take for granted – like clean water at your fingertips – and recognize how fortunate you ARE when multitudes in the world don’t have what you consider to be a basic right.

Speaking of clean water, please make a donation to My Charity Water Campaign so that more people can share gratitude and many lives can be saved! That is a perfect gift for The Whole!

I recommend contemplating “10 Things I Am Grateful For Today” every day, upon awakening, and before you get out of bed. I permit Myself to repeat only 3 things each day, such as how grateful I am that I have all of My 5 senses and that I live in a country where I have amazing freedoms as a Woman when so many Women are repressed by institutionalized fear of their greatness.

It is a scientifically proven fact that positive thoughts generate euphoria-inducing chemicals such as dopamine, which is the pleasure neurotransmitter!

It turns out that memory recall can be used to regulate mood in people who are experiencing depression, because thinking about positive memories causes the brain to release dopamine… [Read more on How Stuff Works]

So, begin your day with a jump-start of dopamine and take it from there. As soon as you become aware of those negative thoughts, immediately put your focus on what you are grateful for. As with all exercise, practice makes improvements in all areas of your life. in a very short amount of time, you will notice that you are more energetic, feel better about everything, and are able to remain positive and empowered for longer periods of time even when dealing with stress.

And this holiday season, give another gift that is truly useful to yourself and your loved ones by shifting your focus to your great-fullness by practicing gratitude!

OK, that was the nice way to give My message of cheer! For those who insist on being miserable, see graphic on the right!

Happy Holidays & A Powerful New Year!

UPDATE 3/16/14: Video “Tapping Into Gratitude”


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