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For many years, I have contributed My Pearls of Wisdom to various publications and various projects by various people. Many of them were cool and appreciative; others were perfect examples of casting My Pearls before swine.

Since I’ve taken the time to generously share tools, tips, and techniques from My experience that work with so many, I have compiled the lessons in one, easily accessible place so that many more will be able to benefit.

However, there are always those miserable creeple who want to be ugly and unhappy and want everyone else to be less-than their best, too…

PartyDomme.comI have reasons for EVERYTHING that I do. And the one thing that is ALWAYS for certain is that My Ultimate Goal is My Pleasure. Fortunately for most, I am a gregarious person who keeps My Sadist in check by ALWAYS focusing on the most positive ways to make the situation serve Me and Mine – which includes all those who TRUST Me in My Domain.

As you must know by now, all the griping and whining from “turd-tards” comes from the fact that they are unsuccessful in manipulating Us to serve them. So, as I wrote in Make Rudeness Serve You, since it’s against the Laws (Universal & humanoid) to kill them, I set them up to serve Me on My terms. That’s how I Maintain My Domain and accomplish one of My Goals – which is to pave the way for the kinds of Fetishists that I want to know to come to Me. The turd-tards are the cobblestones for that glorious path as they synchronize others of their kind away from Me and Mine and the folks who are Fabulous align with My Energies!

I LIVE this Truth: The BETTER I feel about My Life and Who I Am in The World, the more Magickal My Life IS and the more marvelous are the people who continue to come into it! I HAVE WHAT I WANT! Do you?

If you wish to have (1) all that I have written here and more and (2) a personalized, opportunity to address your specifics, you can contribute to My Charities by participating in My Workshops, which are available via webcam as well as offered in person. You also have the option of a one-to-one consultation with Me. Unlike most, money is not My Goddess and I produce events to raise funds for charitable works.

How To Use This Resource

1) I offer My Wisdom from My Experience. It is YOUR job to apply the knowledge to your reality.

2) Search by category and view the Related Posts at the bottom of each entry for additional information.

3) If you “don’t feel like reading all of that,” you can arrange for a private conversation to address your specifics.

  • Mind your manners when you approach Me.
  • Remember, I have what I want and I am being quite generous with all that I share.
4) Take My Webcam Workshops, which contribute to My Charities & create a Win-Win! Proceeds from My Webcam Workshops & Events are part of My fundraising efforts.

If you have a question that has NOT already been addressed, you may Ask Mss Didi*. Remember your manners…

I’m a Domme, not your mom.

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Being a Lifestyle Dominant for Her entire life, Mss Didi* has explored various aspects of the BDSM and D/s Scenes including 24/7 relationships, slave ownership, Professional Domination (before it became synonymous with “hoochies with whips) and Fetish Event Planning. Mss Didi* has benefited from an extensive education in the functions of the human body and psyche, holds a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Therapy and is currently working on Her PhD.