My epiphany: 2012 ~ What If?

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I am repeating this entry from My Newsletter to accommodate My writings on Living Joyously.

I am going to make a long story short. A few weeks ago, I went away to complete a Domina101™ Course and have a mini-vacation. I was walking My little dog along the beautiful cliff overlooking the gorgeous beach and saw a flutter of white fabric billowing in the breeze. As We came up to the top of the hill, there was a woman in a wedding dress standing at the edge preparing to jump. I immediately went into “channel the Universal Good” mode and said, “Well, turn around and let Me see that beautiful dress before you make a mess of it.”

Obviously, she wasn’t expecting that and before she could protest anything, I started talking about what a jerk the groom-to-not-be was and that if she jumped, he would have something else to use as leverage to excuse his cowardly behavior for standing her up at the altar and sucker in fools to have sympathy for him! Not once did I tell her not to jump because that is the worst thing to do with a person whose emotional state is so wrecked that suicide is a consideration. It sets you up for trying to come up with good reasons for them not to die, which can be frustrating depending upon the circumstances, and can actually make things look worse to them.

After talking about all kinds of things — like convincing her to let Me see her shoes (of course!) — I felt Divine Guidance take over and was able to actually hear what was coming through Me for her. I heard Myself say, “WHAT IF the Mayans were right? Let’s just say that the end of the cycle on December 21, 2012 is in some way the end of the world. That means We only have 3 1/2 years left of partying! That’s not a lot of time and killing yourself now would suck because you would have nothing to lose by living a life committed to having a good time and being as happy as you could outrageously be!” Well, that clicked for her and it clicked for Me. I don’t know exactly how long I stood there talking to her, but as night began to fall, I saw flashing lights behind us and realized that a very smart sheriff knew not to interfere and allowed Me to bring her to the car to take her to safety. So, now I’m a heroine to the town and she is doing better every day.

It took about a week before it all “came to a head” in My mind. True, that was a harrowing experience that I hope never to have again, but it gave Me a new perspective on how I want to live My life from now on. Yes, I have always been a hedonist, but now, WHAT IF? is My mantra. I now commit to living My life with unadulterated joy in the pursuit of My happiness and have as much fun as I possibly can from this moment on.

I know that to begin each day with gratitude, consciously counting at least 10 things to be thankful for, is a powerful way to increase positivity in your life. I will do more to improve My ability to tolerate the intolerable for My benefit and create ways not to be bothered with the bothersome. My focus is on My joy because joy is infectious and those around Me will become joyous, too, and so on and so on…

Now, people can say, “And how will you feel when you wake up on December 22, 2012 and the world didn’t end?” My answer is that I will feel fantastic because I partied and enjoyed life all the way up to 12/21/012 and now, I’m going to have a party to celebrate that the world didn’t end! It’s a win-win situation.

As I continue to put My focus on My joy, I expect that I will create all kinds of interesting ways to enjoy being a part of Our Community! I look forward to delighting in the energies of those who participate in the creation of a Life of Joy with Me!

So, when things get you down, try thinking of WHAT IF? Truly, you have nothing to lose and nothing to fear. If nothing else, you will find ways to discover, experience, and enhance your joy. Sounds fantastic to Me!

Excellent Read on the Mayan principles behind the 2012 prophesy

Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*


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