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Comfy Shoes

August 19, 2012

Q: Dear Mistress Didi,

You’re a shoe fetishist. What’s the best way to make these gorgeous shoes comfortable to wear??

Thank You, Ouchie Feet


Dear Ouchie Feet,

Quickest Fix I know:

Rinse Hot Water around and inside the shoes and wear them with bare feet for at least half an hour to allow the shoes to take the shape of your feet as you walk. When the shoes feel more comfortable, remove and allow to air-dry. Repeat if necessary. This works best with leather shoes, but can also work with some synthetics.

CAUTION: Be careful not to drown or damage the fabric of the shoes. Use care and common sense when applying hot water.

There is also a product that comes in a little, red bottle called “Shoe Magic” that can be purchased at most shoe repair places. Follow instructions on the bottle.

While I’m giving advice, enjoy My Complimentary GoddessGlide™: How To Walk In High Heels Video.

Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*


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