March 4, 2011

Q: Dear Mistress Didi,

i dread the holidays as Master’s sisters come to dinner and completely disrupt His household.  Master has expressed His desire to address their behavior and has commanded this task to me.  Since i would never dare to tell Master’s family what to do, i humbly ask for any advice You can give! With much gratitude, pf

Dear pf,

Here is a blog post I wrote recently that should be exactly what you’re looking for!  I suggest that you offer this to your Master and that the two of you can figure out a way to “adapt” it to suit your needs.  Best of luck!


Throughout this season of … cheer, I permitted a few people into My humble home and was appalled by their complete lack of manners.  I NEVER say, “make yourself at home” for a reason: the right to consider My home your home requires bill payments and TREMENDOUS amounts of feats of worthiness.

Since it appears that parents have completely failed to provide any social-grace education to their offspring over the past 40 or so years, here’s a quick list of How Not To Offend Your Hostess/Host.  By all means, pass this information on to YOUR friends and relatives, especially the younger generations.

1. Sit down and stay seated.  DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF A TOUR OF THE HOSTESS’ DOMAIN.  A person’s home is NOT a museum.  If you wish to see the domicile, ASK for a tour and respect the answer given to you.

Also, DO NOT choose to pick up items to inspect them.  This is offensive to the Hostess’ personal space.  If you are too bored with your own company to be left alone for the few moments it takes for the Hostess to go to the bathroom to urinate, bring a magazine when you visit so that you can amuse yourself.

2. Bathroom Hygiene.  The fact that I have cause to write this disgusts Me, but mothers need slaps right across their faces – and not in a happy-fun way – for not training their children in cleanliness from early childhood.  There is NO reason for anyone to leave urine on the toilet seat or the floor!

Step 1: Lift the toiled seat BEFORE using the toilet.

Step 2: Use toilet tissue to wipe the rim and inspect the floor to ensure that it is waste-free.

Step 3: WASH YOUR HANDS when done.

And WASH YOUR HANDS when you come in from the street.  If you do not physically go to the bathroom to do so, carry hand sanitizer in case the Hostess does not offer it to you.  AND if the Hostess offers, use it.

3. CALL before going to a person’s home.  Don’t think it’s OK to drop by.  I recently left someone in the hallway who foolishly thought I would open the door to My apartment because she was in the neighborhood.  I told her that the same way she thinks to call Me to complain about her stupid husband, she should think to call to ask if she can come to My home.  In this era of instant communication, there is no reason not to offer the courtesy of a text or phone call.

4. NO MEANS NO.  When I say that I do not want you to clear the table, wash My dishes, or help Me, I mean it.  A recent offender received 5 stitches for disrespecting My wishes in My home by deciding to help himself to a glass from My kitchen cabinet and broke a glass bowl with is forehead as it fell onto him.  I honestly expressed My anger that he dared to even enter My kitchen, that his head broke My beautiful bowl (and he owes Me a new one), and that he bled on My kitchen floor.  When I say My home is booby-trapped, I mean it.

5. Use a napkin, plate, utensils, chew quietly with your mouth closed, and don’t speak with your mouth full of food.   Seriously, does no one tell these people that their table manners are atrocious?  Really?  Pigs eat at troughs for a reason.  I do not wish to:

  • hear you smack your lips or slurp your liquids
  • see the food being chewed in your mouth
  • have you drop crumbs all over My apartment
  • have you wipe your hands on My furnishings or your clothing
  • scrape your utensils against your teeth
  • sing, hum, dance at the table

It always amazes Me that all these people who want to be in “control” don’t even have basic control of their own awareness and physicality to eat like civilized human beings… Yet, they will be the first to express disdain about someone else’s civility.

The BEST gift one can give is the gift of respect and good manners.  By all means, take a refresher course and pass this info along – especially to the generations coming behind you.  For more resources on manners, visit the Emily Post Institute where you can also find information on the appropriate amounts to tip for services.

What Prompted This Post

I would like to say that I had a marvelous Christmas, but the rudeness of all of the incredibly, self-absorbed people who chose their excitement over common courtesy, intelligence, and respect for anyone else seriously disrupted My Peace on Earth.  I had an incredibly stressful Christmas Eve dealing with yet another relative being rushed to the hospital in serious condition (relatives in hospitals now up to 6) and I did NOT appreciate someone texting Me at 12:01 AM on December 25th because it was now Christmas.  I also really did NOT appreciate the persons who chose to text Me at 8:30am, 9:00am, 9:02am and 9:15am to wish Me a Merry Christmas – and especially on a Saturday morning.  I have STRICT contact times – which are between 12:00 NOON and 9pm ONLY – for very good reasons – one of them being that I am the emergency contact for all these hospitalized relatives, so I cannot turn off My phone.  The fact that it is Christmas – a holiday that I respect but have no affiliation with – does NOT change anything.  Besides what I wrote above, the decision of people to have their fun at My expense is why I chose to give this gift to assist Us all in remembering to mind Our manners.

Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*


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