Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work?


August 7,  2011

This is an excerpt from My response to a post by the fabulous Jennifer Shelton at FemCentral.  I’ve modified it to speak directly to you.


Semantics.  What one person calls “positive thinking” is called “mindfulness” by another person writing a book to sell.  “Positive thinking” can also be included in chanting, meditation, and so many other modalities designed to gain control over FEAR = False Experiences Appearing Real.

In My experience, Positive Thinking is actually CHOOSING empowering thoughts and actions over dis-empowering ones.  The same amount of time and energy spent on worrying about something that -could- happen can be spent on focusing on what you -want- to create and “Love Me Time” which allows you to get out of the way of achieving your goals.  The stress that people choose to “think” with determines manifestation.

The bottom line is RESPONSIBILITY and ACTION. There is no one thing that is going to be a cure-all for every person.  We are responsible for trying and adapting new things all the time and evolving along THE PROCESS OF OUR DEVELOPMENT.  This requires commitment.

And cultural perspective is thrown in there, too.  It’s not only what society tells you to want, it’s HOW you choose to want it.  For example, “positive thinking” will only work as far as the whiny-person-who-believes-she-is-entitled-to-everything-without-making-an-effort is willing NOT to whine.  In cultures that expect instant gratification and permanent healing from a pill, the idea that TOOLS such as “positive thinking,” meditation, affirmation (and everything else that is designed to RE-CONDITION your thought processes) actually require continuous exercise immediately makes people insist that the TOOLS do not work.  In reality, people are not “working the tools.”

Such laziness and lack of gratitude for all that IS available to Us to figure out how to work for Our individual needs is why We have a society of fat, lazy, slovenly individuals suing McDonald’s for the fact that they CHOOSE to eat the toxic food rather than do the work to eat healthily.

All of this relates to self-worth; do you believe you are WORTHY of what you desire?

You are not entitled to anything; you have to do the work to DESERVE everything.  You have to Work Your Magick (which IS everything that you choose to design in your life).

The Comfort Zone of “focusing on being the victim” is the perfect way for all these people to get rich writing books, etc., for and against everything that has worked throughout “herstory” to validate people staying in their comfort zones and whining about it.

It’s not that something that has been proven to work for a multitude of others “doesn’t work;” YOU aren’t working it.

Discipline is a good thing and self-discipline is the greatest of your powers.

Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*



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