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My Bitchy Times (Why I Gotta Be a BITCH)

Ask Mss Didi*

September  7, 2012

Q: Dear Mistress Didi*,

I truly enjoyed Your  Domina101™ Workshop and am looking forward to taking the next one.  I know You said that this is a process of growth and evolution, but my particular problem is causing me to lose sleep.  [PERSONAL INFO OMITTED].  Don’t You ever just want to punch these bitches?  How do You keep from having to be a bitch?  Please tell me something to help me deal with this situation!!!!  Thank You, Ms. FD

Dear Ms. FD,

Your question comes to Me at the perfect time!  Of course, I have what I call, “My Bitchy Times” and I have them on a regular basis when dealing with all of these pathetic-jealous-zealots out here who have nothing of value to offer to The Whole, so they desperately try to bring those of Us who ARE doing fabulous things down.

As I stated in the Domina101™ Workshops:

  1. Consider The Source of your aggravation
  2. Remember Your Value
  3. Find a use for the offender and its offenses – it truly helps with Forgiveness.  Remember, Forgiveness is first and foremost for yourself.

Below is a perfect example of an offensive situation that has resurfaced because a cowardly-loser dared to use Me and Mine in order to have some kind of value for her fantasy blog. So, since her actions show up in search engine results for MY Work, I MAKE USE OF her.

Do understand that I give Myself permission to have My Bitchy Times and, most importantly, to enjoy them!  I OWN My Karma significantly better than the offenders can recognize theirs.  In other words, as I also present in My Domina101™ Workshops, I do My best to carefully think before I act to ensure that I have no regrets for what I choose to do.  Self-Control is THE only real control.  I choose Who I Am and truly encourage others to spend more time working on themselves instead of attempting to disrupt My Fabulous Flow so that they can love and like themselves the way that I love and like Myself.

Notice My “Mirror” comment below.  The “h8ters” will (in typical, lazy form) jump on the “oh-how-conceited-bandwagon” while those of Us who ARE doing Our jobs to make Our lives (and the lives of others We encounter) joyous and fulfilling will recognize and revel in the Power of what I offer.

You can click here to be alerted of My Next Workshops.

Read all that I’ve provided here and in The Domina101™ Workshop Notes.  You ARE evolving for YOUR best; you ARE handling and creating your reality.  All that you are going through is just a test you give yourself to see if you are truly committed to your happiness.

I completely support you.

And, for the record, I’m not a bitch; I’m a B.I.T.C.H. = Being In Total Control of Herself (see My BITCH entry).  And I don’t care if others – especially those who do NOTHING for Me – think I’m bitchy when I’m taking care of My Domain and MySelf.

Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*


Q: Dear Mistress Didi*,

While searching for Your Superior submissive Workshop, i found this blog entry and wanted to make You aware of it.  i hope i have been of service to You, sub g

My Dear sub g,

Thank you so much for pointing out this creature’s use of My fabulousness to draw attention to her pathetic, little blog.  I have addressed her insolence before and – as I predicted – it removed My comments from its blog.

So, since attention for My Work is being drawn to all it lacks, I do the public service of posting the original dialogue below to demonstrate the full effect of how a substandard diminishes the reputation of its “dominant.”

Following that is My most recent post with the bet I made with some of My Domina101™ Divas about what this sad creature will do next.  I will post her response, if any, just to keep a record of My skill-based, amusements in action:

UPDATE 2016: I’ve chosen to remove this example since (i) the death of this pathetic creature makes the world a better place and (ii) so that her soul may reincarnate in an acceptable form.

©Mss Didi* ~ PartyDomme.com

* * *

I’m a Domme, not your mom.

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