Boring Need For Attention With Criticism Masked As Polite Conversation

This post is a Domain Maintenance tip on calling people out on “covert behaviors” that they attempt to mask with fake pleasantries.

October 30, 2013

Q: Dear Mistress Didi,

Are there not other charities that care for unwanted animals that are equally deserving? I personally find myself donating to several and have recently arranged to purchase the back cover of the [NAME] Shelter Calendar for my beloved Standard Poodle – – – who thinks that she is a Dom!

[Identifying information omitted]  On another subject, I regret not getting to NY as often as I once did. I would quite happily be a regular at your events.



Dear harry,

I have no idea who you are.  So, while your email has the appearance of having lovely content, you begin with a “question” that is a criticism of My choices of charities — as if any charity work could possibly be less valuable than another.  Then, you appear to be fishing for compliments for your charitable work.

your question is like asking: Are there not diets and exercise programs that work for healthy lifestyles while the majority of Americans are obese? and then, promoting your junk food, cookbook.

See how that works?  Is your intention for Me to dislike you immediately?  Or just a pathetic attempt to top from the bottom of the barrel?

(NOTE: Before anyone wants to attempt to pull the “I’m-anti-fat-people-card,” I chose an easy example to make you think and feel on a personal level to better understand the concepts I share.  Remember, My experience is the other side of that coin with LOTS of folks-going-out-of-their-way-to-be-bitchy to Me because I’m FIT.   I’m Pro-Healthy, period.)

And, you regret not getting to NYC to “happily” be a regular at My events… as if that possibility would be your choice.

So, the ultimate point is: what do you offer to make you worthy of My time and attention for contacting Me?  you did not share anything; you just wanted to feel special in your own mind.

Fortunately for you, I choose to look for people to offer Me beauty and enjoyments.  This is why I make what could be perceived as a snide, need for negative attention useful to Me by writing this post for those who choose to receive value from My offerings.  And why I offer you complimentary awareness training for success in the World of Dominas.

If you truly wish to be happy in The Fetish Lifestyle Scene, take advantage of My generosity and My desire to raise the level of The Scene from sleaze and read My Gifts* and download My FREE ebook on Fetish Etiquette.

Always MY Pleasure & The Best,
Mss Didi*


If you have a question that has NOT already been addressed, you may Ask Mss Didi*.  Remember your manners…

I’m a Domme, not your mom.

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