Manipulation Tactics: Who’s Topping You? Part 2 of 3 “Domain Maintenance”

July 7, 2013

Q: Dear Mistress Didi,

… You have some nerve requesting to post Your event in our group when You’ve called some of our sisters, “fat bitches” and …  what people say about You …

(The rest of the rant was omitted to protect the identity of this individual.  I have personally and privately emailed the following to her.  Once again, My practice of observing synchronicity aligns all to serve My purposes!)

* * * * *

Dear Miss P,

This is Part 2 of 3 of Domain Maintenance With Self-Love and Personal Integrity.   In Part 1: False Friends and Allies In Lies, I offer how to care for yourself when your trust and kindness have been betrayed.  In this post, I offer value to the person who encounters slanderous intentions that are designed to manipulate you.  Part 3 will focus on exactly (1) how I USE offenders to serve Me better than if I paid someone to do dirty work, and (2) how I keep My cool and attend to My Karma, which is the most important concern.

I am also in the process of creating a workshop/webinar to teach you how to guide offenders to set themselves up with irrefutable proof of their offenses to be controlled with legal action and the least amount of effort.

Personal Responsibility

Avoidance of Personal Responsibility Tactics.  We have choice in EVERYTHING in Our lives – which makes you both the power and the problem in your life.  How We choose determines the quality of all experiences and lessons that make life a joy or a hell.

Whenever some self-loathing creature attempts to invade and usurp My Domain (or yours), they believe that what I say about Myself is as much of a lie as what they say about themselves.  When they see that I AM Who I say I am:

(1) they recognize that they are LYING about who they want to believe they are and the familiar panic of insecurity comes to the surface,

(2) they are threatened and terrified by their fears of not being good enough in all of the ways they invalidate their own existence, and

(3) being lazy cowards, they choose distraction via any form of negativity for and/or about others in order to avoid how negatively they feel about themselves – hence the success of the numerous “reality” TV shows with revolting people that self-loathers need to denigrate for this personal avoidance process.

Since (sadly) most people operate from lower vibrations and lizard-brain thinking because that’s the typically lazy way to exist, their failures and fears must be the fault of everything and everyone else who IS successful in doing the work in their own lives for their own happiness.  And since We live in a world of sheeple” who follow all kinds of wicked-ridiculousness to feed on negativity to avoid personal responsibility, there are always lots of other sheeple who will choose to jump on the “ugly bandwagon” as part of their own personal avoidance processes.

Losers.  A loser is someone who only seeks to take from situations and offer nothing – because they don’t believe they have anything of value to offer, and which they will always prove to be true.  Since they have no personal value, losers cannot recognize or appreciate value anywhere else and spend their lives unfulfilled and running their personal avoidance processes.

It’s easier for the losers and sheeple to choose to focus on negativity because it takes bravery to (1) face and accept one’s insecurities and (2) do work to improve one’s self.  This is why the losers and sheeple are lazy cowards, which is reflected in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives on all levels.  The problem is that negative energy is a worse addiction than heroin, crack, and crystal meth combined.  As with any addiction, more and more of the toxin is needed until the addicted completely destroys her/himself and the people who try to love her/him.  See the miserable cycle of how they foster their own failures?

Remember, this is their choice from laziness and cowardice.  We know that there are a lot of pathetic nutjobs out here who demonstrate just how much they h8te themselves by just how much work they will put into trying to destroy what you’re doing, instead of taking one-tenth of that time and effort to improve their own lives.

In Our particular experience, losers have taken hours-days-weeks to contact every person in social groups to spread lies about Us – and even created false identities to corroborate their stories!  How pathetic it must be that the fake personas they make up are the only validation they have – which is NO validation!  The sheeple attracted to avarice are also losers, so do the math: 0 + 0 = 0.

Manipulation Tactics

Here’s where Personal Responsibility is key because you have to be brave and practice self-awareness.  Remember, Self-Loving people are not afraid to face themselves.  In fact, for people who have Self-Value, it is a wonderful experience to be with yourself and explore, experience, and enjoy all of Who You Are and Who You Are Becoming.

Remember, losers are desperate and will do any and everything they can to feel something because they are dead inside – which is the result of lacking self-love and an addiction to negativity.  Because losers lack self-value, living is actually painful and distasteful for them and they are jealous of people who enjoy life to the point that they want to destroy Us.  So, instead of doing work to improve and evolve, they spend exorbitant amounts of time on “activities for devolution” and ways to suck everyone down with them.  Remember that losers want and need everyone else to lose, too.  How pathetic.

So, when you encounter malicious conversation about a person, it is an amazing opportunity for you to choose to love or not love yourself.  Observe:

1)    What is your first thought and feeling?  Do you wonder why someone would go to such lengths to malign another person? contact you, a stranger, pretending to be concerned for you, only to complain about something they claim was done to them?  Or do you just go for the gossip?  It takes a strong mind and a self-loving person to disengage from gossip and gossip is the language of losers.  It’s like a farmer yelling, “sooo-eeee” for all the pigs to come and eat slop.

2)    What trigger words are used in the attack?  Trigger words are usually group-specific with the purpose of soliciting agreement based on the group’s dynamic.  My experience has always been that the loser targets Women and females with over-weight slurs he claims I said because since I AM fit and healthy and THIS IS THE KEY AREA OF INSECURITY for Women and females, in particular.  Trigger words often center on claims of a person’s vanity/conceit, possessions/lack of possessions, and anything that can be construed to be against a particular group’s interests.  The process is to incite your insecurity to suck you into the negativity vortex to be manipulated for the loser’s goals.

3)    Do you choose to believe the gossip?  Why or why not?  Here’s where it gets interesting and scary and where laziness, self-worth, and intelligence are exemplified:  Do you have any personal experience or knowledge at all of the people involved?  Without a doubt, the person being maligned usually has LOTS of information available about them and IS actually doing valuable things in the community.  The person spreading the gossip inevitably has a shallow – if any – public presentation and offers NOTHING to the community, of course.  Do you research on your own or just feed on the gossip?  The losers are counting on you being lazy and one of them by giving you slop to feed on.

The bottom line is that you either have the control in your life or you permit yourself to be manipulated by your own insecurities and potential for avarice by someone who represents the worst in the potential of a human being. 

The question is, how much do YOU love yourself to be strong and Self-Determined, or to be weak and led to the slaughter of your own self-esteem and happiness?

There is a Universal Law of Attraction that says you attract to you how you are.  I will discuss in Part 3 not only how to handle making sense of nutjobs popping up when We are doing Our thing, Our way, and trying to do the right thing, but also how to use them for Our personal evolution and success.

In the meantime, understand that The Law of Attraction works for losers in self-defeating ways.  While they believe that they achieve something – which is only a false sense of self-elevation by attempting to destroy what We’ve built – they will quickly fester in the cesspool of their reality once again, feeling and being even more the losers that they really are, and less that there is value to their continued living.  Their lives will continue to exponentially decline and illness is inevitable from not only all of the toxins that build up in the body from practicing intense negativity, but as a result of their Karma.

So, what and who defines you?  Do you love yourself?  Or do you align with self-loathers to avoid personal responsibility?  It’s your choice to choose Quality of Being over quantity of distraction from personal evolution and happiness.

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