Pity The Self-Loathing

August 31, 2011

Dear Mistress Didi*,

I am disgusted with how badly people [behave in The Scene]!  I am fed up with the rudeness, the jealousy, the sabotage, and overall evil that seem to be where everyone is coming from – well, not everyone.  This is why I’m contacting You: You are always gracious and polite every time I’ve seen You – even when people have attempted to offend and disrespect You.  Will You please tell me how I can stay in The Scene, which I love, and deal with all [of] the negative people?

~ Ms. Dissed

Dear Ms. Dissed,

Lately, I, too, have been a little blue due the bad behaviors exhibited by many, many people who choose to behave abominably. While I struggle every day to find the beauty in people of this culture that embraces ugliness as a “starting point,” I find Myself a bit fatigued.  Well, that’s what I get for (1) having expectations in the first place that most people work towards being the Highest they can be and (2) fantasizing that they desire to be better than common and trite instead of paying attention to the truth these people show Me.

Along with that annoyance are the people who attempt to “top” Me via what I refer to as “reindeer games” – you know, the “make-wrong” tactics (as demonstrated poorly on a daily basis by the teabaggers).  They try to “trap” you with a comment about something you say and/or do that is intended to put you on the defensive while feigning to place themselves on a higher level of consciousness than where they clearly see you are.

The reasons these “reindeer games” do not work on Me are:

  • I “walk My talk.”  EVERYTHING you read that I have presented to and for you is My absolute Truth.
  • I am not concerned with whether or not people like Me.  I honestly feel that those who are worthy of My time, consideration, and attention are those who will “get” Me and My message and choose to enjoy My Domain.  Anyone with a nefarious intention cannot exist in My Domain because it IS about Truth.  I am brave enough to face My Truth and, therefore, am not rattled by anyone else’s inability to accept what IS about Me and My Life.
  • I love and accept Myself, permit Myself opportunities to grow, and work to operate on Higher Levels of consciousness on a daily basis.  Yes, this is quite a challenge, and it really does help to be a Sadist…
  • I have no attachment to people agreeing with Me.  Everyone experiences life differently and I respect that.  I also have no attachment to agreeing with others.  Agreement is not as important as respect is – without respect, there is nothing.

What is so tedious about these reindeer gamers is that I have taken the time to put everything you need to know about Me on the internet, available for free, and they don’t bother to read it – they just look for something to attempt to top Me… and at My photos, of course.

Evidence of a Higher Level of Consciousness is compassion.  I pity “haters” and venerate “appreciaters.”  I understand that The Mirror is the true test of how you care for yourself.  When you look in The Mirror, do you love yourself? like yourself?  Loving and liking yourself should be one’s first priorities in order to be comfortable with who you are and to fully enjoy the gift of Life.

Though I see these reindeer gamers clearly, and it would be all too easy to drop down to their level to make sure that they understand that I am not the one they can feed their negativity with, I choose to educate them with the opportunity to grow towards the self-love that will make their lives happy and whole.

Education is the reason I give How To Present yourself To A Mistress for FREE and continuing in the giving spirit, purchases of the full version support My Charities.

I truly believe that if you’re not a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem.  I am a major part of the solution to what is important to Me in The Scene and in My Domain.

I am so glad to love what I see in The Mirror.  I sincerely wish that joy to everyone and I support everyone in doing the work to have this joy.


If you have a question that has NOT already been addressed, you may Ask Mss Didi*. Remember your manners…

I’m a Domme, not your mom.

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