Transcending Malicious Liars

This is a post of gratitude that I made on a (revolting) website when I discovered that My stalker has told the most ludicrous lies to people who are/were part of MY circle – including that he “bailed ME out of jail” – and arriving at the realization that no matter what, I AM beyond being at the effect of lizard-brainers and have transcended into My Most BEautiful TRUTH!


This is a complimentary Domina101™ Lesson “Proof In Action”:

Whenever I have to deal with lizard-brain, troglodyte energy (link to revolting website omitted), I use it as an opportunity to consider My spiritual growth.

I discovered today that My stalker has bribed his way into meeting MY associates to tell them he bailed Me out of jail – nothing remotely close to this scenario has ever happened with him nor anyone else in MY entire life.

What’s GREAT about this stupidity is that at first, I was incensed that I would now have to call My FBI friends to do their thing concerning this nut-job and investigate if there was any necessary damage control to be done. However, the moron & company went through so much trouble over a year ago to try to besmirch My reputation to People Who Matter and, of course, it didn’t work!

The People Who Matter have been and remain in My corner and, unlike the creeps, I don’t have to BUY My way into their graces.

I am in such a glorious state of Self-Awareness that no matter what a pathological liar says and other self-loathing, villains who jump on the h8ting bandwagon to insist on believing any-and-every lie do, they really do NOT affect MY REALITY — which is what they are jealous of to begin with.

It’s not how much money you have (or say you have), where you live (or say you live), how many degrees you have (or your father bought for you), it’s how you feel when you look in the mirror at your TRUTH:

  • do you smile at yourself and feel good about the person you are?
  • or do you rush away and invent ridiculous things to try to pretend you are better than others?

As always, whenever creatures try to abuse Me to feel better about their heinous realities, they SERVE ME by separating the intelligent people I want to know from loser-vampires I keep away from Me and Mine.

After all, the gruesomes WANT to not only be a part of Me and Mine, they want to be Me and Mine since they completely h8te themselves. And since they can’t be you, they want to destroy what they think defines you to yourself.

Toxic individuals have no clue (and probably never will) that Self-Definition and Self-Worth come from loving yourself – and being trapped in this sad, downwardly-mobile cycle is the greatest punishment for their offenses that they could ever deserve.

Best of all, from today’s drama-not-on-Broadway-where-I-like-it, I released My annoyance so quickly that I am impressed with My own, personal development! YES, all the forgiveness work truly IS worth it because there is nothing like being free from the venom of revenge and retribution!

This is an example of how walking My talk pays off: I take pity on the fact that no matter what, the offenders have to look in the mirror and see their ugly TRUTHs – no matter where they go, they cannot escape it.

I have yet another reason to look in My Mirror and smile at Myself! My mirror is very good to Me on all levels.





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