The Last Word

January 18, 2009

Dear Mistress Didi*,

HOW do I get rid of this creep who won’t stop taunting me on [SITE NAME]?  What’s worse is a few of her friends have joined in attacking me with false accusations and completely ignoring my original forum post.  I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about me because they are making me out to be someone and something that I am not.  HELP, please!  

~ Miss M

Dear Miss M,

I deal with this situation on a regular basis because, as the song goes, “people throw rocks at things that shine.”  And We shine so brilliantly.

You must remember that just because they have human form, that they are not fully human.  To be human, one always has a desire to be better, create better, and to never stop in the pursuit of knowledge and improvement in all areas of life.  These creatures, whom I refer to as “pathetics,” are devoid of self-love and are total cowards who are so afraid of acknowledging how they are failures, that they block all opportunities for evolution.  Knowing on their deepest levels that they despise themselves, they strive to belittle and besmirch everything and everyone in order to feel that they have any reason to exist.  Their lack of confidence is transparent to everyone but themselves and others who suffer similar afflictions that they call “friends.”  These pathetics are afraid of their own potential and power and are threatened by the fact that you are bravely enjoying yours.

The pathetics are also dead inside.  The only way they can feel anything is to wallow in the most banal of negative energies and cast them onto others in ludicrous attempts to believe that they are not the losers they choose to be.  They remain in this confusion because they are, as I said, cowards and too lazy to do any work to improve their situations.  They fear the fact that they are not in any way like the grandiose delusions they scream to the world about themselves.  They believe that if they were to change (evolve) in any way, that they would be invalidated.  It’s easier and more convenient –as well as more popular with the masses – to blame everything and everyone else for their failures to show up according to the lies they tell themselves.  No matter what, they create a way to make you wrong in order to play the victim-game and seek sympathy from anyone who’ll buy into it.  Similar to zombies who feed on the living, they need to feed on disrupting the flow of people who actually do have value because if you’re doing well, that means that they are losers.  That’s how losers operate.

Pity them and shut them down.  The best way to shut them down is to shut them out of Your existence completely.

1)    Remember: they need you; you don’t need them.  Choose a way to state your position of power and let them have the last word.

2)    Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don’t even bother to look back to see what they do.  When you don’t respond and move on, they will inevitably have something to say, but it will NOT satisfy them.  They WILL be left with a giant hole in their pint-sized, hearts and in their gigantic delusions, and even they won’t believe what they seek to accomplish by having the last word!

I even tell them that they will need to have the last word, so to go ahead!  I remind them that no matter what they say, they WILL remain unfulfilled because they are operating from delusions that have NOTHING to do with My REALITY and they WILL continue to be plagued by their unfulfilled fantasies about ME!

Because this IS true, the best thing about this practice is that the situation WILL irritate them for a very long time as it replays in their conscious (and subconscious) minds, over and over and over again!  Mwahahaha!

The most important things to remember are:

1)    There will always be people who h8te themselves so much that they pray at the altar of being losers by trying to disrupt your flow.  Recognize that they are failures at living and pity them; what a horrible way to choose to live;

2)    DO NOT CARE about what others think.  If people are worthy of your attention, they will “get you” and clearly see what offenders are doing and their motivations for doing it; and

3)    Love yourself more.  Offenders offer nothing of value other than reminding you to strengthen your commitment to loving your life.  Once they serve their purpose, dismiss them from your life completely.  Nothing irritates them more than the fact that you don’t care about them at all.

Good luck.

Always MY Pleasure,
Mistress Didi*


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