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Make Rudeness Serve You

October 11, 2014

A Domina101™ Lesson

In the most recent session of The Domina101™ Collective Webcam Workshop, I presented the signs of the “substandard” who fakes being submissive.  As always, I can encounter any number of grossly-behaved, barbarians on websites where trolls and barbarians go to pretend they’re Fetishists and the rest of Us have to filter through the squalor.   Filtering through the “undesireables” is easier and less time consuming when you have the tools to maintain the integrity of Your Domain.  Below is a typical example of a faker-shaker-noise-maker and how to stop its idiocy while securing Your Dominance Comforts.

The Tool Tips are:

  • Copy, paste & revise as needed because the archetypes of fakers-shakers-noise-makers are ALWAYS the same.  There is no need to address each individual when they really are one-size-fits-all in terms of insecurities


subqueerling [name changed because I have integrity]:

And there it is!  your real intentions: to look to be threatened/offended so you could pretend to FEEL some sort of self-value with rudeness.

Know that you have exhibited value by being of service to Me.

you have been useful by exhibiting ALL traits of a “substandard” (as opposed to a submissive) for participants of My Domina101™ lectures – specifically:

  • proving the real intention of your query was to convince yourself of how smart you think you are by posing a question under the pretense of seeking answers and agreeing with what you believe you already know
  • showing a lack of real self-esteem (and quality home training) via attempts at condescension because you feel threatened by knowledge rather than being able to consider proven concepts beyond your limitations
  • showing obvious lack of attention to direction to find information

All too easy and boringly typical, but you’ve been useful nonetheless by being “less.”

And now, you will NEED to have The Last Word.

Ahhh, delicious! The conflict going on inside you now: if you respond, you prove Me right again!  If you don’t, it will eat you up inside!

No matter to Me. I have no further use for this situation on any level.

More Resources you’ll probably ignore, too, but you were actually right when you wrote above that they will help others:

How To Handle Lizard-brain Thinking Attacks

Lizard-brain thinking instigates that another person’s actions and intentions come from the lower-level, nefarious intentions of what lizard-brain thinking would do if ever in the same situation – which is seldom ever the case because…


Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*



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