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What’s In Your Play Bag?



Another public service Gift from Mss Didi*

June 25, 2017

Fetishists know that whenever unsafe Play occurs, the vibe of the experience is dampened, if not ruined.  Unsafe Play creates diminished fun times; folks can get hurt; reputations can be damaged; and gossip-ghouls go on a rampage...  (See How To Deal With Relationship Gossip for “management tips.”)

Recent gatherings I’ve been invited to prompt Me to share a 50 Shades of Foolishness Workshop Tip.  I’ve been horrified by the lack of knowledge, attention, and the careless disregard for safe and intelligent Play all the way around.  I choose to share knowledge so that I am part of the solution instead of being part of the problem by remaining silent

  • If anyone chooses to be offended because they believe that I am referring to their event, that will be your choice. You also have the choice to utilize My Gifts NOW, if you neglected to before.  Find a plethora of resources on My Ask Mistress Didi site.

I encourage any and everyone to use My Processes as templates to develop your own intelligent, Play Plans.  PLEASE DO so that:

  • you are prepared for safety for yourself and others
  • you have what you need and can become familiar with it for maximum safety and comfort
  • you are responsible for how you Play
  • you and all in attendance have a pleasant Play experience, and
  • maybe I will have more events other than My own that I can thoroughly enjoy, too!

The Basics

1)    Safety GuideThere are basic, first aid cares that you SHOULD know.  For example, what to do for burns, cuts, bruises, and bleeding.  PRINT and carry with you a reference sheet to be prepared.

2)    First Aid Kit.  Check out what to include in yours from The Mayo Clinic.  While you don’t have to carry an entire kit, a few basics such as bandages and antiseptic are a must.  Here is an excellent tip sheet for a Dungeon or Toy Bag First Aid Kit from the Central Iowa Power Exchange [update 4/4/19] Physical Aftercare and First Aid Quick Reference from

3)    Cleaning Supplies.  Always disinfect your Play space and keep it sanitary.  If you’re Playing publicly, I recommend carrying a small, spray bottle with alcohol to give the area a spray and wipe.

a)    ALWAYS ASK FIRST if it’s OK to use alcohol – – or any substances – – on areas because you don’t want to damage property.  I can tell you that being sorry after the fact does not make up for ruining My decor and having to go after folks to remedy damages is most annoying and offenders will be punished – in one way or another…

b)    Even better, bring a “Play Cloth” and other Play Preparations to cover furniture.  See #7 below.

c)    You may wish to bring disposable, disinfecting cloths or, even better Make Your Own Natural Disinfectant.

d)    Cloths and/or paper towels for spills and to clean after you Play.  It doesn’t matter if there is cleaning staff; be a good guest and clean up after yourself.

4)    Escape Tools.  While you may enjoy making escape-proof, “sub-art,” stuff can happen and it’s always a good idea to have a scissors and/or cutting tools to quickly release a person to ensure maximum well-being.

  • True story: During one of My presentations, an idiot dom, who was interested in playing the make-wrong-game, blurted out that if you/I knew how to top My sub, there would be no reason to release them before the session was done. I mentioned fire, earthquake, and a variety of factors make good reasons, to which he guffawed.  So, when an attendee to that lecture had to cut the idiot dom’s sub out of bondage when their Play venue caught fire, his same arrogance was addressed by his associates.
  • I don’t make it a habit to say, “I told you so,” because (1) I never have to; and (2) I never care enough to – I prefer to spend My time enriching My life rather than sliding down the Evolutionary Scale to remind offenders that they were wrong. If a person desires to learn and evolve, they will do better with positive reinforcement — which I am always happy to give to the worthy.  Besides, Karma is a fabulous thing!  (See Keeping Cool With Karma)

5)    Plastic bags.  There are a variety of reasons that everyone should have at least 1 plastic bag on hand but it is essential to have plastic bags in your Play Bag for sanitary reasons.  There is nothing better for breeding bacteria than to place used Toys and clothing into a dark, enclosed container – especially if your Play Bag is not washable.  It also makes for easier organization to separate used and unused items for faster cleaning and storage.

a)    I recommend ziplocking, gallon-sized bags because they are usually large enough to fit clothing and Toys into.

b)    For larger Toys, etc., use larger bags.  Tall, kitchen trash bags are usually large enough for most Toys.

i)      I like to cut-to-size clear, trash bags so that it’s easy to see My Toys through them.

ii)     Clear, plastic bags also make it easier to ensure that you have all of your Toys at the end of Play Time.

c)    I pack My clean Toys into plastic bags before placing them in My Play Bag to ensure that they remain sterile.

6)    Gloves – latex or vinyl that fit your hands.  The purpose for wearing gloves is for safety from receiving and/or transmitting communicable diseases and other infections.  Gloves that are too big will be uncomfortable and can lead to accidents and injuries.  Gloves that are too small will break and make Players vulnerable to exposure.

a)    It is wiser and more economical to purchase gloves by the box from a pharmaceutical or (especially if you want colored gloves) beauty supplier to ensure that you stay stocked.

b)    Because there is always someone who either doesn’t know better or is just irresponsible, I recommend packing a few pairs of gloves in a ziplock bag for yourself and a pair or 2 for that person.  Why?  Because sharing is not only a good and kind habit, but it (i) keeps the enjoyable flow of Play Time and (ii) alleviates tacky attitudes and behaviors.  This practice is part of “Playing Nice” and adds pleasant energy to the environment.

i)      I usually carry a few pairs of latex gloves in different sizes just in case someone needs them.

c)    My personal preference is for vinyl gloves because I find them more comfortable and less sticky on My skin; more adaptable to My hand movements; and a bit more durable than latex for the way I Play.  While vinyl gloves can be a bit more expensive, My comfort is paramount and I’m worth it.  Comfort is a key component for the best Play.

7)    Covering for your Play Area.  Depending on your situation, good Hosts will have Play Preparations available for guests.  However, this is seldom the case in public places.  Since too many of these public places are dimly lit, you can’t see or trust their cleanliness.  Having your own covering solves all problems.

a)    Unless you’re really into having a special Play Cover, disposable coverings make things easier.

i)      I provide theme-colored, plastic drop cloths for My Guests which are conveniently placed in a large, trash bag when Play is done.

8)    Hand SanitizerThe FDA continues research to pass new laws about the dangerous ingredients in commercial hand sanitizers, so here are resources to Make Your Own Natural Hand Sanitizer .

The sub’s Play Bag

Smart submissives will always have what they (specifically) need on hand – especially if you have allergies and/or medical considerations.  I insist that the sub’s Play Bag is placed near Mine where it is easily accessible and where I can keep an eye on it.

1)    Most Important: Have a (preferably typed) list of allergies/medications, etc.  and instructions in case of emergency.  This list should include emergency contact information.  If you’re concerned with your privacy, place the list in a sealed envelope and be certain to tell whomever you’re Playing with where to find it before Play begins. 

2)    Wipes are a must-have because there are no guarantees that the Play Space will have amenities.  Freshen up before and after Play.  Depending on the wipes you choose, some may be good for cleaning Toys, too.

a)    I strongly recommend using a wipe that does not have a strong smell which may be disruptive to participants and onlookers, and even to the scene itself.  I was invited to Play with someone and his sub and her perfume made Me (and a few invited voyeurs) gag.  There was annoyance all the way around as her dom had to tell her to wash it off.  Flow was interrupted and she wasn’t thrilled to wash off what was probably one of those expensive, stinky, celebrity scents – – which made her attitude stink.  Not as fun a Play Time as it should and could have been.

3)    A Change of Underwear because “stuff” happens.

What’s In My Play Bag

1)    My Diva Cloth for My Toys because (i) I like a pretty presentation to set the scene and inspire Me as I choose My Toys and (ii) I know that My Diva Cloth is clean for My Toys to be placed on during Play.

2)    A Play Cover because, as I mentioned above, I can’t always rely on hosts to be as prepared as I am with My Events.  Bringing My own Play Cover is also inspiration for others who would not normally know to adopt this smart habit.

3)    Water.  A bottle of water is excellent to have handy for a variety of reasons from using it during Play to hydrating yourself and Playmate.  Having to look for water during a scene breaks the continuity and can dampen the vibe.  Should it slip your mind to have water available before the scene, a bottle of water in your Play Bag solves the problem.

a)    Another consideration for bringing your own, sealed water bottle is if you are in a public space where you cannot watch your cup.  It’s sad to say, but there are a lot of creeps out there who slip mickeys.

4)    Safety Pins.  Wardrobe malfunctions do occur and safety pins can also be used to Play with…

5)    Public Play Toys to Play with folks I may not know.

a)    These Toys are usually made of a non-porous substance that can be disinfected on the spot.  I choose non-porous materials because cleanup is significantly easier (alcohol will do the trick) than with leather and other materials that require special cleaners for proper care to maintain their state.

b)    Since one’s skill with the Toys is more important than having flashy Toys, I don’t usually spend a lot of money on these.  If I really have a good time, I may gift the participant with the Toy as a momentum of Our time together.

6)    Small, healthy snacks to maintain blood sugar levels.  Of course, I choose healthy options (like raisins and other dried or fresh fruit) to ensure that My and My Playmate’s energies are not depleted.  Many times, even with light Play, and especially due to excitement, people can get so involved with Play that they are do not notice dips in energy.  Low blood sugar levels can affect the Top’s judgment and precision and the bottom’s recovery and healing.

7)    Antiseptic.  Depending on the activities I intend to indulge in, I always carry the most natural form of antiseptic I can find to fit the bill.

8)    Essential Oil Disinfecting Spray.  I believe that smell is an integral part of the dynamic of your scene – and I intensely dislike stench.  So, I bring a small, spray bottle of My favorite concoction:

  • Mistress Didi*s “Scentual” Mist.  In a 2 oz.  bottle, add 2 parts water; 1 part witch hazel; 10 drops of Lavender; and 10 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oils.  Shake well before using and use sparingly.  NOTE: I always ask if anyone is allergic or sensitive to these ingredients before I spray.

Other Notes

1)    Liquid Bandages.  This is a great idea if you have a boo-boo!  Liquid bandages seal a cut or scrape (see instructions for recommended use), offer better mobility, and are more hygienic and attractive (they create an invisible coating) than regular bandaids.

2)    EpiPen.  Especially if you are a submissive/bottom and you have allergies, it may be a wise idea to obtain a prescription for epinephrine and carry an EpiPen in your Play Bag in case of Play with substances that are untried and/or with Playmates you have little experience with.  According to Consumer Reports, in most states, you can obtain a prescription for an “epinephrine auto-injector” or “generic Adrenaclick.”  While an epinephrine injector may be expensive, your life is worth it – and you may be able to find online coupons and deals.  Do the research to find reputable merchants for product quality.

Start with these tips and adapt to your desires to ensure that your Play Bag contains essentials for safe, healthy, and dynamic Play!

Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*


If you have a question that has NOT already been addressed, you may Ask Mss Didi*. Remember your manners…

I’m a Domme, not your mom.

More of Mss Didi*s Words of Wisdom

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Being a Lifestyle Dominant for Her entire life, Mss Didi* has explored various aspects of the BDSM and D/s Scenes including 24/7 relationships, slave ownership, Professional Domination (before it became synonymous with “hoochies with whips) and Fetish Event Planning. Mss Didi* has benefited from an extensive education in the functions of the human body and psyche, holds a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Therapy and is currently working on Her PhD. As well as being the Founder of The Fetish League, Mss Didi* is a Model, Speaker, Author, Fetish Facilitator, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Psychotherapist, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Aromatherapist, and a graduate of The Institute of Culinary Arts with a specialty in vegetarian cooking. In Her* quest to change the public’s negative view of Fetish to a positive understanding of Fetish as Therapeutic Art, Mss Didi* promotes Fetish Appreciation through Her workshops, performances, and ClassicFetish™ Events. She* believes that the goal of the Dominant-submissive relationship is self-evolution for both to grow towards becoming the best that W/we can be as individuals, to each other, and to The Whole.

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Releasing The Flying Monkeys: Balancing Karma & Retribution


This post is a letter I wrote to a very special friend who, though I’ve not yet met in person, I have a very special place in My heart for. She is one of the Shining Stars who pops up in your life just when you need them, whether you know it or not. Because of Her beautiful spirit and Her inspiring gifts, I shared one of My most joyous Life Lessons with Her. In keeping with the what I am creating with Ask Mistress Didi*, I share this post to encourage the brave people who are doing the work to BE Better. I appreciate all of you! And remember to remind your friends that you appreciate them, too!


Dear Ms. Star,

Thank you, as always, for the lovely smiles you send! Other than the disappointing news You wrote about, I hope that life is treating You very well. It is quite the challenge to get past the nefarious actions of people who prove unworthy of Our considerations. So, here’s what I’d like to offer:

I am having an amazing journey! I would like to share this with You because, whether you know it or not, You have been a precious gift to Me in so many, many ways! I respect Your intelligence, integrity, and the beauty You share with The Whole. I believe that souls travel in groups to learn and that We have a special connection. If this is just My fantasy, well, I hope You enjoy reading about My Journey and that You are able to appreciate My revelations in My Truth! However, from Our interactions, I’m sure that what I share will be right on time for You.

My Solar New Year’s Commitment is to BEing true to Myself, Honoring how well I handle My “stuff” (which includes My Sadism, quelling My desires for retribution, and the enjoyments of watching offenders suffer), and to BEING Better. I knew from birth that sometimes what I can think and how I can feel are so intense that they even scare Me! So, I choose to work on that to be a positive contributor to Life on Our planet and in The Universe!

Unlike the vast majority of people, I don’t try to pretend that We don’t all have a duplexity [Genetics – a double-stranded region of DNA] of Sadist and masochist in Our natures. So, because I take responsibility for My nature, My heart, and My Spirit, I have committed My life to balancing My Karma. As a Libra, the duality of My Nature has always been challenging when I’ve based it on society’s rules – which are designed to imprison Us in disenfranchisement.

So, after 2 most recent years of thievery; heartbreak; deaths; sabotage from loved & trusted ones; loss of property, income, business, etc., I recognized how I need to be “able to sleep at night” to attend to My Karma — per My understanding of guidance I received from My audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. His Holiness told Me, when I asked about Karma — and referred to Jesus saying to turn the other cheek — that Jesus didn’t say to get beat up; that Karma is whether you can sleep at night – did you take care of yourself? If something in the past tortures you in the present (shoulda-woulda-coulda), it affects/creates your future as moment leads to moment. So, if someone slaps you and you didn’t take care of your needs in the moment for whatever reasons, it is your karma to learn and choose what to do to take care of your well-being from NOW (present) on (future) – even if that is slapping them back (My words; not The Dalai Lama’s!).

I realized that experiencing and expressing My Joy was impeded by My attachments to “other people’s interpretations of right/wrong.” And while I was treating people the way I want to be treated, their lack of self-love and awareness made them comfortable to treat Me like poo-on-a-shoe – down to finding fault with ME for stealing from ME (including betrayal, theft, abusing My kindness, etc.).

So, I wrestled with feeling sorry for them because of the stresses in their lives and all of the other crap that was taught to Me via the sociology-religious slavery doctrines (“conditioning”) that have nothing to do with The Golden Rule, and I found Myself regressing into a major case of “the grumpies.” Because I meditated on My Commitment to BEing Better, it became clear to Me that I was not Living My Truth! And I had that magnificent epiphany of FULLY Accepting MySelf! (Meanwhile, I thought I had accepted Myself a long time ago already…) Life is truly a Journey of Learning About Yourself.

Side Note: Talk about synchronicity: I’m listening to a new mix from one of My DJs and Teddy Pendergrass is singing, “You Can’t Hide From Yourself!”

I KNOW that I am a loving, giving, Goddess Healer (which The Universe has just confirmed with a position as Director of a special, medical-science, research project of My dreams!) and that one of My Purposes on the planet at this time is to be a guide to Happy Wellness. In order for Me to BE in My Purpose, I deserve to “BE Happy & Well in Truth.” And that looks like this:

  • I am clear on My intentions. Intentions are the root of all creations and define the value of all actions and, Karma itself. Somewhere along My Life, I picked up the belief that I am not to BE “human” with all of My emotions, desires, and thoughts BEing “valid.” I attribute this to My upbringing and special circumstances that defined My childhood and determined My approach to Life (“conditioning,” again). After all the “drama,” I am affirmed that My intentions come from a place of Love – even if others want to believe that when I do something FOR Me that it is against them. I am committed to loving Myself first in order to best love others and contribute to The Whole. This is the basis for “My Religion: SpiritualHedonism™” and how I WANT to BE and live My Life.
  • I forgive the offenders out loud. I RESPECTFULLY tell them to their faces, write them letters, make videos for them, write public blog posts, whatever works for ME to (1) have completion and (2) make sure that there is absolutely NO way that they do not have the opportunity to accept responsibility for their offenses. I ALWAYS apologize if I have wronged someone who has made Me aware of how they feel offended by My actions that have truly caused them any harm. And I make it a point to make amends (if warranted) and to be more careful in the future. It is the choice of offenders to do what they will do, but the knowledge of what they’ve done cannot be ignored or distorted to avoid their responsibilities for their actions.
  • I have released My Flying Monkeys! Coming from a Magickal Family, I’ve lived My entire life watching inexplicable things happen to people who offend Us and judging this to be wrongful uses of Our Energies (which may have been true in some cases, but Karma was always in play). I used to do a LOT of work to contain My Energies from directing “accelerated Karma” for all involved — which includes Me. My concern with MY Karma is the sole reason that so many people have not “spontaneously combusted” in one way or another! Now, I’ve removed all interests that I had in place for their protection, etc. No more of My “guardians” and “watchdogs” to safeguard them from the ramifications of their stupidities; they shall suffer their consequences without My generous interventions (which I believe were actually interfering with Karma where My conditioning made Me believe I was “being good” to have such care for those who offend Me).

Now, instead of mistakenly believing that I was enhancing My Good Karma, I’ve come to believe that I was retarding both My and the offenders’ Karmic travels. So, without wishing malice, I wish “accelerated Karma” for all of Us. Knowing My true intentions, I have no fear. I’ve released The Flying Monkeys and Karma is forever in My favor!

  • I have created I Win-I Win situations. Since I AM accepting My Truth, whatever offenders do, the seeds for Personal Growth have been planted. If they choose to be honorable, they will thrive and continue to have Me for the inspiration, motivation, feel-good-about-themselves-musings that they have taken Me for granted for in the past. However, each and every time they come to Me, I “water the Seeds of Awareness” that I’ve planted. If they choose to be despicable, their behavior is fertilizer for their deserved suffering to exponentially grow as constant reminders of how they’ve offended Me (and others). The offenders will (i) not be able to sleep peacefully, (ii) will actually look haggard to themselves and to others, and (iii) have all of the things that would normally happen via Karma, but which they WILL be aware of the connections to Me no matter how hard they try to ignore My seeds. And I get to watch them suffer from their own devices — provided I care enough to know about them at all! MUAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

I am clear that I do not delight in suffering; I delight in pleasure however one enjoys it without harming another. This is the tenet of My Fetish Lifestyle. And I delight in seeing Karma at work. To better deal with the disappointments of offenders, I consider their actions to be a balance of Karmic Debt so that I am free from past lifetime stuff that brought Us together in this lifetime, and that I will not “suffer” them in subsequent lifetimes. This thinking helps Me to accept a lot of crapazoola that has occurred in My Life and to move forward with Joy!

Best of all, I am free from that wretched feeling of needing retribution. I can BE and am BETTER than that! Karma has My back ~ and My front!

You know how epiphanies work: they can “take a long time coming,” but they are recognized instantaneously! Well, POOF! Puff of Practical Magick and [personal success info omitted to maintain privacy]. THIS is what makes Me KNOW and understand that, although some folks may not be able to understand My Epiphany as I described to You, it is definitely the right thing for Me to do to BE Happy & Well.

And this is why I have shared with You: I hope that My journey of Self-Judgment to an Epiphany of My Truth affirms You in remembering to Honor Your Truth. Our concepts of right and wrong, et al., are based upon the Grand Illusion that enslaves the populace in darkness. We are The Beacons of The Light and We MUST SHINE in Our Unique and Varied Ways. It does not serve Us to judge Our ways based on other people’s agendas; it is Our duty to accept Ourselves in totality to discover Our Truths to choose how We will work powerfully for Ourselves and The Whole.

Thank You for letting Me share My Joy with You, who are always a giver of Joy to Me!


Always MY Pleasure,
The Mistress Didi*


If you have a question that has NOT already been addressed, you may Ask Mistress Didi*. Remember your manners…

I’m a Domme, not your mom.

More of The Mistress Didi*s Words of Wisdom



Being a Lifestyle Dominant for Her entire life, The Mistress Didi* has explored various aspects of the BDSM and D/s Scenes including 24/7 relationships, slave ownership, Professional Domination (before it became synonymous with “hoochies with whips) and Fetish Event Planning. The Mistress Didi* has benefited from an extensive education in the functions of the human body and psyche, holds a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Therapy and is currently working on Her PhD.

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My Photo Shoot Preparation Techniques



Originally Written March 11, 2014; Revised December 3, 2016

This gift is what I offer to participants of My Photo Soirees to prepare and create an excellent experience and for the benefit of more usable photos from photo  shoots.

I designed My Photo Soirees to counter the annoyance of dealing with the many aggravations of taking photos which, in My experience, have included dealing with the egos of photographers who believe that they are far more talented than they will probably ever be; improper setup for what was discussed for the shoot; and the commercial use of My photos without My permission or signed model releases (one creep attempted to forge My signature on a release form when I sued him in court and won).

I screen and choose the photographers for My Photo Soirees so that models, who are often non-professionals, have no worries. I also ensure that models and photographers are legally protected by a carefully constructed, Model & Photographer’s Release that outlines the rules and conditions for the use of photographs and which everyone who participates signs in agreement.

Mistress Didi*s Photo Shoot Preparation Techniques

1) When choosing a photographer, make sure that her/his portfolio includes people who look like you. Photographers put their best work in their portfolios and online so if you don’t see anyone who looks like you, that photographer may have no idea how to shoot you. Considerations to include are the races, ages, shapes, and the models’ expressions that you see presented. (If most of the models in the portfolio have that vacant-duh-look, that is probably not what you want for your holiday card photos!)  If you see that the photographer’s specialty is children and weddings, engaging their services for a Boudoir shoot may not be the right move.

2) Determine the details of the shoot with the photographer in advance. Be specific about what the shoot will involve including price, number of wardrobe changes, make-up and stylist options, type of shoot (e.g., glamour, artistic, boudoir, etc.), session duration; etc.

a) Don’t take anything for granted: it is always best to ask specific questions and have the details agreed to in writing by all parties involved.

i) Determine the conditions for your receipt of your photos. I insist on receiving ALL of My photos in digital format (but I have special deals with photographers with whom I shoot). I recommend that you do not use photographers who offer x amount of “free photos” and a contact sheet and who hold the rest of your shots “hostage for ransom.” Especially if you are new to modeling, find photographers who are willing to shoot in a Time For Prints capacity. Many amateur photographers are building their portfolios and testing techniques. Use these opportunities to get to know how you look best in photos.

ii) I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with the terms of a standard model’s release (notice that most releases are written completely for the benefit of the photographer to own your images in whole or in part) to determine if and/or what may be changed.

iii) This is an excellent article about model releases for the model’s protection: Model releases: When you should sign one and what it should include.

iv) See Model Releases: What You Need to Know (With Samples) for more detailed information and options to consider.

v) I also suggest searching online (or, even better, ask an attorney friend) for specific clauses that may be included in a model’s release to suit your needs (e.g., duration of use; nature of use; likeness; consent of use; rights of publicity; etc.). See Adding restrictive clauses in model release forms: as a model, what rights do I have in doing so?

NOTE: For all of the above reasons and more, I created My Photo Soirees so that models can enjoy a “preview” of a photographer’s work before paying for photos. Many people would like to have some professional and/or good amateur shots without being put through the ringer of legalities, paying high fees, and without having the fear of being exploited by “shutter-trolls.”

b) I recommend bringing your own music to the shoot for comfort and flow. Ask the photographer about the studio’s sound system to ensure that your device can be accommodated.

i) Make sure to discuss the type of music you’re bringing in case it is something that the photographer can’t stand – which will affect the vibe and, quite probably, your photos..  For example, not everyone finds offensive lyrics necessary or enjoyable in what’s being called music these days…

ii) I have a small speaker with great sound just in case the location is not set up with a sound system (e.g., outdoor shoots). I also recommend playing the music at comfortable (not blaring) levels so that you and the photographer can easily hear each other.

iii) Personally, I will NOT participate with a photographer who has issues with music playing while I model – unless I am being paid well for the shoot.

3) Determine what type(s) of photos you want. Looking for ideas in magazines may be helpful, but it’s very important to be realistic about your strong points and not get caught up in fantasies portrayed by professional models. For example, a pose with a model arching back on horseback may not look good on you, arching back in a chair.

4) At least 7 days in advance, begin thinking about your shoot wardrobe. What look(s) do you wish to portray? For example, if you’re doing a Boudoir shoot, do you want a long, flowing negligee or a short and sassy baby doll? Both? Neither?

a) It’s smart to discuss your wardrobe color choices with the photographer in advance so that lighting and backdrop considerations can be made.

5) Play Dress Up and try on your shoot wardrobe with full make-up and accessories. Unless you are engaging a professional make-up artist and a stylist who will provide wardrobe for you, organize your looks to ensure that you have everything you need way before your shoot date. Consider make-up, color choices; jewelry; shoes; underwear; hosiery; and other accessories to give you the look you want.

a) I suggest you take selfies in your outfits and make-up to see how you look “on camera” – even though your cell phone’s camera is not going to give the same effect as the professional’s. Quite often, We don’t really know what We look like (We’re on the inside looking out, after all) and seeing your poses on camera will help you to make adjustments for better poses and empowering “Key Word triggers” (see below).

i) Cool Tip: Invest in a small tripod to take full-length photos. (Hint: check the discount stores – you never know what you’ll find on sale!  I purchased a tabletop tripod for $10 that works wonderfully!)

b) If you don’t engage a professional, make-up artist, remember to wear extra translucent powder and use smoothing techniques to apply a little extra foundation – especially for glamour shots. Be sure to apply foundation to neck and ears for an all-over, even tone. And it is imperative that you use a foundation that is actually your color and a primer (if necessary) for your skin tone(s). If not sure, I recommend a visit to a MAC counter for a consultation because MAC generally employs professional, makeup artists to represent their brand.

6) Practice Poses in The Mirror and “Key Word. What fun! Put on some good music, dance/move and pose in front of a full-length, mirror. Knowing what you look like in your shoot wardrobe will make you infinitely more comfortable for the shoot. For best results:

a) Choose music you know well and tunes that are your favorite jams! The movements you feel to the music that moves you will help you to ease into some of your best poses and let your personality come through in your photos. And you know those key moments in the music where you emphasize your groove? Use those to “Key Word.” Use this music for your shoot.

i) Imagine any dancer and/or drag queen in the world grooving to “Vogue” by Madonna for a good example of how well this technique works.

b) As you pose, “Key Word,” which is to use a specific word to set a trigger to recall the feeling of the pose in your body. A trigger allows you to control your automatic response system via your awareness and conscious choice by conditioning a physical action to achieve the desired state. See also The Tapping Solution to assist with “anchoring” desired states – and especially if you find yourself with a case of pre-shoot jitters!

i)       Key Word Technique 1: When striking a specific pose that you like, recall an experience that reminds you of how you feel.  One of My most, joyous experiences – just thinking about it gives Me a warm-fuzzy-thrill-smile – was My first, weekend trip to Cancun that turned into a 6 week adventure…  Whenever I think of lying topless on the peer in the glorious sun and having admirers send champagne and lunch to Me daily, I feel beautiful, appreciated, and like the Goddess that I am!  I feel the same electricity in My body now as I recall what I felt while I was actually lying on the peer, just by thinking of it!  I have “anchored” this feeling into My body and consciousness to be triggered at will.  So, whenever I want to recall that feeling, I Key Word, “Cancun” – see Key Word Technique 2.

ii) Key Word Technique 2: “Flow” your expressions as you think of specific words that you have very, particular associations to. For example, I love chocolate and I am fully aware that I Key Word, “chocolate” to conjure the feeling of intense sensuality because of Ann Margret and the chocolate-and-baked-beans scene in Tommy that I saw when I was a Little Diva! Watch and you’ll totally understand! (Note: I strongly suggest you lower your volume to watch this video. You may also need to disable ad-blocking.)


7) Prep your wardrobe with all items for each outfit packed together, and make a list of all “ingredients.” This is an invaluable technique that saves time, diminishes stress, and adds a sense of calm with intelligent flow. Having complete outfits organized with everything together and a written back-up list allows for seamless transitions and ease.

a) I list everything that makes an “outfit” on index cards. This way, when I change from one outfit to another, I don’t have to think about what goes with what, or waste time looking for anything.

b) Even if you do have travel sets, make it easy on yourself and pack items in clear, zip-locking, plastic bags so that things are easy to see, pack, and keep together.

c) Pack the components of complete outfits in large bags (preferably of different colors) so that you can select the whole bag with everything for an outfit in it and easily place everything back to stay organized. Then, at the end of your shoot, you can quickly review your index cards to ensure that you have re-packed everything you brought with you.

d) I advise you to carry the majority of items you bring in a bag on wheels because lugging bags drains energy and you can look a little tired on camera (the camera shows everything).

8) Have a “dress rehearsal” a day before the shoot. The idea is to anchor your vision of how you look and feel with your Key Words as close to your shoot as possible. Make your dress rehearsal fun and part of Love-You-Time so that you feel good and prepared.

9) Get plenty of rest and make sure you eat before your photo shoot. Not enough rest and low blood sugar will make you look tired and/or cranky – even if you’re smiling. You need fuel to perform at your best, so eat a healthy meal before your shoot to maintain your energy throughout its duration. Of course, don’t stuff your face with high sugar and/or salt edibles because they are “puffy foods” that can cause swelling around the eyes and cheeks. And while it may be a myth that “the camera adds 10 pounds,” it’s true that you can look heavier on camera depending upon your poses, make-up, and wardrobe.

a) Be sure to bring a bottle of water to your shoot. It’s always best to have your own supplies.

10) Be certain to contact the photographer the day before to confirm your appointment and request a reply. I believe that an email AND text (or phone call) work best.

11) Be on time for your shoot. A hurried and harried model is a nightmare for all involved. The point is to take the best photos and have a good time while shooting. So, check traffic, map your route and an alternate, and have back-up-travel plans ready the day before your shoot.

a) If you are doing your own make-up, add an additional 20-30 minutes to your prep time. Sometimes, nerves can make the straight line that you draw every day go crooked and across your face for no reason at all! A little extra time will allow you to ease through your process and have time for corrections, if needed.

i) Consider what you actually need for touch-ups so that you don’t carry the entire make-up bag. You’ll have enough stuff to carry, so don’t bring the giant, suitcase of lipsticks when you’re only wearing Red No. 1.

12) When you arrive for your shoot, take a deep breath, say hi to the photographer (don’t just rush into the space in a frenzy), and share a good-clean-joke. Laughter is the best way to ease tension, make a connection, and relax your facial muscles!

Professional results start with you. See you in the pictures!

Quick Online Photo Tips

1) Check out Irfanview for a free and easy, image editor or use Lunapic online to resize your photos.

2) NEVER put your photos online without watermarks. If I had a nickel for every time someone has attempted to steal My photos to use for promotional purposes and some have even put their heads on My body... Yes, that is true and one creature even had the nerve to send ME “a photo of her” which was an adulterated picture exactly like that.

3) NEVER put your best photos online for 2 reasons: (i) deter the theft of your images and (ii) always look better in person!

If you find that My techniques work for you, feel free to let Me know and send Me a few of your photos! I PROMISE not to use your photos in any way, shape, or form without your written permission.

Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*


If you have a question that has NOT already been addressed, you may Ask Mss Didi*. Remember your manners…

I’m a Domme, not your mom.

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