Fabulous & Guilty By Association

December 22, 2011

Dear Mistress Didi*,

A while back, You addressed an issue with a “dominant” whom You helped get into The Scene and who abused Your kindness.  I recently had a very similar experience where the person I helped has been riding on my reputation, has sabotaged my project, cheated me out of money, and is now telling lies about everything that has ever happened!  I remember reading Your post and being able to “trust in Karma”, as You suggested.  Would You please repost it so that I can share it with others who are being affected by this guy? 

Much gratitude, Miss V

Dear Miss V.,

It is My pleasure to repost as the same idiot who prompted the original posting has over-stepped the boundaries and is now in the process of receiving the Karma he created!  Best of luck to you!


November 21, 2008

There seems to be some kind of epidemic of incredible stupidity going on these days.  Too many times during the past few months – and more so during the past few weeks, I have received COMPLAINTS about people who have been seen with Me.

Let’s get something straight right away.  Just because a person is seen with Me does not mean that the person has anything to do with Me whatsoever.  Do not base your assumptions about these people based on what you think you know about Me.

I am The PartyDomme and I invite people to join Me at My events and at events given by others all the time.  That’s a wonderful way to meet new people and get a chance to know them.  Unlike far too many people, I know that I have nothing to lose by sharing MyPartySelf with others.

However, there have been a few times where My generosity has given stupid people opportunities to be the failures they hold onto being, which has put small dampers on things I’ve carefully planned.  I have even taken My generosity to a fault and given My repeated forgiveness and opportunities for them to “make good” and, sadly, they have made commitments to remain screw-ups.  For some idiotic reason, the people in their lives allow them to get away with this awful behavior and they have made the terrible mistake of thinking they can receive the same disservice to humanity from Me.

Most folks would stop any and all association with people who continually screw-up their situations.  But as My Amazing Grandmother taught Me, I believe you should “consider the source”.  If you know someone is incapable of doing things they want to believe they can do, then don’t require them to do such things.  If there are other qualities about the person that you enjoy, you have the option of keeping them around for those enjoyments.  No one is capable of being everything to you.  Hedonist that I am, I enjoy what is available to be enjoyed.

The problem with this way of thinking, I have found and am receiving too many emails about, is that some people are so far gone in their delusions of who they believe they are that they choose to pretend to be completely unaware of/refuse to acknowledge that their bad behavior is causing them problems.  (Note: I have made them aware of the complaints and they have continued their offenses.)

Their problems will not be Mine.  There is honor in The True Scene and Good People look out for each Other, hence all of the emails I’ve received.  These discourteous people are basking in the glorious glow of My vibe, My works, My friends, My social circling, and have presented themselves as the people they want to believe they are by using MY REPUTATION to open doors in attempts to create opportunities with others that I have established relationships with! Some people have gone as far as to attend and copy the workshop presentations that I have given and market themselves using My techniques and definitions – verbatim!  That’s plagiarism, folks!  Some cultures believe that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  I consider it thievery.

Clarifying further: To use My name to boost your opinion of yourself in your presentation to people you want something from is attempting to “steal” from My reputation that I built on My own merits.  The fact that these offenders have nothing of merit of their own to present to others and that they need to use Me for validation is creepy.  To present My techniques, step-by-step the way that I have demonstrated them, and to even copy the descriptions from My webpages is attempting to “steal” My proprietary information.  At least add something of your own ~ do anything other than just replace My name in My descriptions! These actions can be considered a form of identity theft.

I always give people the benefit of the doubt and a chance to do better the next time until they prove to Me that they are unworthy.  I am always supportive of people who choose to behave from the Highest Within and I leave those who don’t in their zones of depraved banality.

For some reason, these offenders think that I am just going to let them get away with their transgressions against Me.  Again, I addressed their actions and they chose to insist that they meant no offense, yet they have continued to repeat the same bad behaviors — as if their lame apologies will have any meaning to Me againif they even bothered to apologize (then, there is that bad behavior, too, which gets you tossed to the curb).

I don’t accept the fallacy that they are “unaware of their behaviors” — especially when I have carefully detailed the problems to them in writing to make sure they have a reference for their future adventures.  I pay attention to the fact that they are selfish, inconsiderate, poorly attempting to manipulate, and disrespectful all around.  I shake My head and pity them; this is a serious sign of inferiority and a lack of self-love.

By now, We’d think that people know not to mistake kindness for weakness – especially My kindness.  Fortunately for them, I don’t waste My time with trifling losers.  One of the best things about karma is understanding that not only does what you do come back to you, but what they do comes back to them, too.  People with these types of usurping/invasive psyches will dig their own graves while I sit back with a glass of champagne and watch them fall into their pits.

It is just a matter of time.

Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*



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